Xenon4pay is a local Kuwaity based company founded in September 2015 operates in the ME and North Africa it offers a complete & comprehensive solution and believes in the Fast, Trendy & Innovative evolution of MENA and surrounding emerging Market


To deliver mobile-based payment-processing systems integrated with marketing services that effectively cater to various users. Our team strives to continuously develop facilities that meet client satisfaction, while providing them with a low-priced and reliable technological solution.


To become the payment processor of choice in the Middle East and nearby markets by promising to better serve the needs of commercial users as well as retail customers. We hope to revolutionize our role as a non-bank digital commerce provider by reducing the need for cash, providing low transaction fees and creating customer value through special loyalty programs.


  • Focus on offering seamless intermodal mobility to the local market
  • Our service targets both locals & Expatriates
  • Implementation of an Ecosystem to create interoperability
  • Saving consumers and merchants Time & Money through secure payment method
  • Help Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Consumers through cash management
  • We improve efficiency in quality of delivered services



Innovation distinguishes between a Leader and a follower

Steve Jobs


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Zig Ziglar


Commitment is what transforms a promise in to reality

Abraham Lincoln